In October 2012, New York City--along with a long swath of North America's Atlantic coast and several Carribean islands--was battered by Superstorm Sandy, a weather system that caused unprecedented damage to hundreds of communities.

The Institute for Public Knowledge organized and recorded a Public Forum on December 5th, 2012 at NYU to think broadly about this storm, climate change, and the city of New York.

Video is available.

How do we prepare for a future with more frequent and violent storms? What are the roles for government agencies, private organizations, and individual citizens in emergency preparedness? What are the public health implications--both long-term and short? Does New York need a massive design intervention, or some new housing codes? When we rebuild, where should we rebuild--and how?

This forum featured panelists Heidi Cullen (Climate Watch), Klaus Jacob (Columbia/SIPA), Dale Jamieson (NYU/Environmental Studies), and Eric Klinenberg (NYU/IPK/Sociology), and it will be moderated by Chelsea Clinton (Oxford/NYU).