Working Group on Conflict, Armed Groups, and Peace (CAP)

Convened by IPK's CAP organizers: Joyce Apsel, Jonathan Gordon, Alexis Pang, and Eyal Press

The aim of this working group is to foster rigorous, interdisciplinary discussion on the theories and praxis of armed conflicts, post-conflict societies, and the roles of their various social actors.  To that end, we invite interested NYU faculty members and graduate students to submit an application to present research in progress, which we will collectively work to develop and refine. 

The Working Group on Conflict, Armed Groups, and Peace is founded on the premise that the complex nature of conflict and its impact on societies necessitate a broad, interdisciplinary conversation between scholars across the social sciences and humanities.  To this end, CAP provides a working space for faculty and graduate students to share work in progress on subjects such as: cultures and societies of peace and violence; war; military and paramilitary organizations; human rights and humanitarianism; military-civilian relations; security; theories of violence; technological warfare (e.g. drones, cyber-warfare); and other related topics.  When appropriate, CAP invites guest speakers and expert practitioners to share their unique insights, perspectives, and experiences.  By engaging voices from a variety of disciplines and sectors, CAP strives to cultivate a community of individuals who share an interest in advancing research on conflict, armed groups, and peace that is informed by the breadth and expertise of scholars in a wide range of fields.

To apply, please submit a one-page statement of your research project and a brief bio to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..