The IPK's Superstorm Research Lab has recently published a white paper regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy entitled A Tale of Two Sandys.

Download A Tale of Two Sandys

Last update: December 21, 2013.

Citation: Superstorm Research Lab. (2013). A Tale of Two Sandys. White Paper.

The white paper is based on 74 interviews with policymakers, environmental groups, volunteer first responders, and residents affected by the storm; ethnographic observation; analysis of public reports from government, community-based organizations, and other groups; qualitative analysis of canvassing forms and data; and a review of the academic literature on disaster response. As a framing document, A Tale of Two Sandys selects certain case studies for their exemplary nature, including how different groups identified vulnerable populations,  timelines for aid and recovery, a case study of housing and rebuilding, and finally, urban climate change politics. The primary purpose of A Take of Two Sandys is to propose a sophisticated, accurate, and useful way of understanding the inequalities entwined with Sandy‚Äôs aftermath and to enable ways to address them.

Read more about the white paper here.