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The Institute for Public Knowledge and the Urban Democracy Lab at Gallatin invite you to a discussion on "Greening Beyond Greenwashing," the second in a series about democratizing the green city.

A moderated discussion with Tom AngottiDilip da CunhaSean Sweeney, and Peggy Shepard, this session will address the question of how cities will come to be greened. Business as usual too often means greenwashing, exacerbating inequality and increasing the prospects for eco-apartheid. How can we, instead, democratize the green city by breaking the link between ecological enhancement and social displacement? On Earth Day, we explore four overlapping but distinct efforts to bring environmental sustainability and social justice goals together: through community planning, environmental justice, labor organizing, and urban design. What policy levels and bases for mobilization does each strategy employ? How does each tackle socioeconomic inequality? In what types of communities are they effective? And what prospects for banding together or learning from each other do they offer? In the previous session, we explored the nature and extent of the greening-displacement link in cities across the global North and South. In this second session, we focus on practical projects in New York and the Northeast.

This discussion will take place on Tuesday, April 22, at 6:30PM, at 1 Washington Square Place. For more information about the speakers and program, and to RSVP, please visit the event page.