Rethinking Capitalism, Issue 3, April 2012


"The Foundations of Finance: Charisma, Aura, and Uncertainty," Benjamin Lee and Edward LiPuma "The Futures of Finance Conference," Arjun Appadurai "The Emerging Context for Social Science Practice," Prabhat Patnaik "What Has the Occupy Movement Done for Scholars?" Robert Meister "Do We Have the Nerve to Know Finance as Class War?" An Exchange with Robert Meister and Timothy Mitchell (Edited by Peter Dimock) "Reclaiming the Public: Social Science and the University in an Age of Privatization," Craig Calhoun "Figure and Ground in Multiple Spheres of Exchange: How Do We Interpret Islamic Finance?" Bridget Kustin "The Present Gathering is Our Opportunity: Administered Derivatives," Randy Martin "Capturing Opportunity in the Futures of Finance," Robert Wosnitzer "Editor’s Note: What Publishing Model Do We Need for an Activist Knowledge of Finance?" Peter Dimock

Archive type: Academic Article
Year: 5
Author(s): (2012) edited by Dimock, P.
Format: Academic Article

Rethinking Capitalism

Rethinking Capitalism

edited by Dimock, P.