8th Annual NYLON Graduate Student Conference


NYLON convenes annually for a conference that brings together members from across the global network. These joint conferences provide an intensive working environment in which participants are encouraged to engage collectively in the constructive critique of members' works in progress. Participants have consistently found it illuminating to discover the differences in style, assumptions, and intellectual sensibilities across multiple social science disciplines and national intellectual traditions - even where broad orientations are similar.

NYLON researchers share a broad interest in culture and qualitative research methods; more, with ways that social processes turn into concrete cultural forms through practical activity. We are thus exploring informal, improvised social practices, as well as the bones of institutions; again, we try to integrate cultural analysis with an understanding of politics and political economy.

This conference is by invitation only and is closed to the public. Password-protected papers can be downloaded, in full, here. For more information, please contact Ruth Braunstein.

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