Food and the City

Food studies is an interdisciplinary and expanding field, motivated by increasing social and academic interests in the biosocial aspects surrounding food production, provisioning, eating, health and waste. The fields covered range from big data social sciences to humanities-oriented theorizations on health and wellness, medicine and medicalization, expertise and experience. Food is often at the center of contemporary social concerns, such as health and social inequities, economic development strategies, climate change and globalization. We will investigate food production alternatives, such as urban agriculture and the role of cities in food production, and how changing food consumption patterns are associated with climate change. Members will meet to share their research projects, teaching activities, and community outreach. The group will organize visits from outside speakers, work to develop projects for external funding, and communicate scholarly knowledge to broader audiences by organizing public events.


Krishnendu Ray, PhD (Sociology), Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health, Steinhardt School

Melissa Fuster, PhD (Food Policy), Assistant Professor and Faculty Fellow 

Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health, Steinhardt School


Sonali McDermid (Climate Scientist; Columbia-NASA)

Nathan Kennedy (Conservation Agriculture / International Development; Virginia Tech)

Fabio Pascorelli (Food Studies; New School)

Eric Godoy (Philosophy; New School)

Scarlett Lindeman (Sociology; CUNY)

Sarah Khan (Ethnobotanist / Nutrition; MPH, PhD)

Kendall Park (Sociology, Princeton)

Robert Valgenti (Philosophy, Associate Professor, Lebanon Valley College)

Daniel Bender (Professor, Historical and Cultural Studies, University of Toronto)

Jayeeta Sharma (Associate Professor, History, University of Toronto, Scarborough)

Stefani Bardin (Designer, Parsons, New School)