Haiyan Huang

Poeisis Fellow, 2010-2012

Haiyan Huang has over 12 years of information design and teaching experience incorporating a broad spectrum of art planning, interaction media technology, industrial and environmental design and research work. She is a Professor in the School of Art and Design at Xi’an University of Technology. Throughout her academic career she has also been a practicing artist and designer. Haiyan has a PhD in Information Art and Design from Tsinghua University. Her research interests include: information visualization, information mapping, interactive display design, urban planning, urban design, new media art and digital archiving of cultural heritage. During her doctoral studies, Haiyan was honored to be a visiting scholar at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City, NY for an academic year. Recently she was invited to be a design consultant for urban planning and restoration projects by the City Planning and Design Institute in both Wuhan and Xi’an, China. Over the last 5 years, she has applied her knowledge, research and expertise in the areas of information design and art planning. Notable projects include: Three Gorges Dam Art Design and Cultural Construction Overall Planning and Design 2005; Daqing Petroleum Science Museum Display Design 2006; China High-speed Railway Beijing South Station Signage Wayfinding System 2007; China Style – LG Electrical Appliance Surface Board Design 2006.

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