Narrative Working Group

As humans we are defined by stories. Narratives are where we derive our reasons to exist, to give meaning to the past and present, and to shape our future. With that, enormous power lies within the narrative and the ways in which we use it. At a time when narrative has been weaponized, we must examine the ethics of how we choose, shape, and examine the stories we tell.

The Narrative Working Group is a monthly meeting between those who work with narrative on a daily basis–journalists, writers, artists, actors, musicians, academics, directors and more–to discuss the power, use and abuse of narratives and narrative techniques. We will explore how narrative scan divide us or bring us together, how to deal with complex narratives in simple ways, how to create narratives that empower and where to find and control the hidden narratives that define our lives.

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Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán.

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