Oikos is an interdisciplinary working group for the study of economics through the lenses of kinship, gender, and the ethics of care. Oikos reading groups, research workshops, and lectures series will examine and debate both historical and recent approaches and will define a path forward for novel research and theory. Oikos reading groups will invite scholars and students to discuss classic texts on the family and economy (from Aristotle and Xenophon to Confucius and Mencius), Victorian theories of domestic and economic spheres, and historical, ethnographic and sociological case studies of how gender and kinship structure circulations of value. In Oikos research workshops, participants will be invited to present new research on the intersections of gender, kinship, sexuality and economic processes. Topics will include financial products as tools of mediation between the household and financial industries; network marketing as corporate forms built on and through religious households; second-world women as managers of household wealth and investors in financial services; debt and accumulation as legal forms built around joint persons, from couples to families to corporations. Our lecture series will bring senior and junior scholars to NYU to discuss the history and future of feminist economics, and relevant topics such as: structuring forms of connection and separation between family and firm, home and market, including social practices, media technologies, corporate forms, legal procedures, and financial instruments.

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