Book Launch

Book Launch | American Resistance

11/04 Monday | 6pm

The Future of Democracy Working Group at NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge invites you to join for the launch of American Resistance: From the Women’s March to the Blue Wave, featuring the author Dana R. Fisher in conversation with Jeff Goodwin.

Since Donald Trump’s first day in office, a large and energetic grassroots “Resistance” has taken to the streets to protest his administration’s plans for the United States. Millions marched in pussy hats on the day after the inauguration; outraged citizens flocked to airports to declare that America must be open to immigrants; masses of demonstrators circled the White House to demand action on climate change; and that was only the beginning. Who are the millions of people marching against the Trump administration, how are they connected to the Blue Wave that washed over the U.S. Congress in 2018—and what does it all mean for the future of American democracy?

American Resistance traces activists from the streets back to the communities and congressional districts around the country where they live, work, and vote. Using innovative survey data and interviews with key players, Dana R. Fisher analyzes how Resistance groups have channeled outrage into activism, using distributed organizing to make activism possible by anyone from anywhere, whenever and wherever it is needed most. Beginning with the first Women’s March and following the movement through the 2018 midterms, Fisher demonstrates how the energy and enthusiasm of the Resistance paid off in a wave of Democratic victories. She reveals how the Left rebounded from the devastating 2016 election, the lessons for turning grassroots passion into electoral gains, and what comes next. American Resistance explains the organizing that is revitalizing democracy to counter Trump’s presidency.

Dana R. Fisher is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Director of the Program for Society and the Environment at the University of Maryland. Her research focuses on studying democracy, civic participation, activism and environmental policymaking. Professor Fisher has appeared on CNN and MSNBC to discuss her work on activism and protest. She has also published a series of pieces on this topic in the Monkey Cage at the Washington Post, as well as in the American Prospect. Her research has been featured in media outlets such as the Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Science Magazine, and on various programs on National Public Radio. American Resistance (Columbia University Press 2019) is her sixth book.

Jeff Goodwin is a professor of sociology at New York University. He holds a BA, MA, and Ph.D. from Harvard University. His research interests include social movements, revolutions, political violence, and terrorism. He is currently editing a volume called The Political Economy of Social Movements.

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