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Brazil in Crisis: Resistance and Solidarity in the 21st Century (Teach-in)

11/14 Wednesday | 11am

Please join us for an urgent and open discussion on the recent election in Brazil that brought hard-right candidate Jaír Bolsonaro to the presidency. Drawing on the expertise of both NYU faculty and activists, we will address what this election means for academic freedom, social policy, human rights, the rule of law, environmental protections, and democracy in Brazil and in the region. In addition to presentations and video conferencing with activists in Brazil, we will dedicate part of the time to break-out sessions to think through and develop strategies to support solidarity work moving forward.

11:00 AM – Introduction & Welcome: Gianpaolo Baiocchi (NYU)

11:10 AM – Table 1: Making Sense of the Crisis and of the Threat to Democracy

Moderator: Mila Burns (Lehman College)

Discussants: Barbara Weinstein (NYU), Luciana de Sousa Santos (Columbia), Salo Coslovsky (NYU), Alejandro Velasco (NYU)

12:00 PM – Virtual Intervention: Douglas Belchior (UNEAFRO)

Translator and moderator: Rafael Cesar (NYU)

12:15 PM – Table 2: E Agora? Reinventing Solidarity Work for the 21st Century

Moderator: Michelle Kettner (NYU)

Discussants: Natalia de Campos (Defend Democracy in Brazil), Marcial Godoy (The Hemispheric Institute at NYU), Myriam Marques (DDB)

1:00 PM – Break-out Groups

Presented by NYU’s Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Urban Democracy Lab, Institute for Public Knowledge, NACLA, and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

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