Gun Policy in Trump’s America

02/27 Monday | 6pm

The Trump administration promises broad expansion of gun rights in the U.S.  As candidates, Trump-Pence ran with the full endorsement of the NRA. They vowed to end gun-free zones in schools and airports, severely curtail gun-violence prevention efforts, and make it ever-easier for people to carry guns across state lines and into cities such as New York.  These promises have already begun to come to fruition, with many more soon to come.

NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge and the Vanderbilt University Center for Medicine, Health, and Society invite you to join us for a panel discussion with leading legislators, activists, journalists, and academics to debate gun policy and its everyday effects under the most overtly pro-gun administration in modern memory. It will address questions such as:

  • What are the implications for gun-violence-prevention policy, legislation, reporting, and research under Trump-Pence?
  • What role will the NRA play in the new administration?
  • What impact might legislation such as concealed-carry reciprocity have for gun-control efforts in cities such as New York?
  • What new strategies are needed to promote balance between gun rights and public safety, or foster conversations between disparate people, groups, and factions along the oft-contentious U.S. gun debate?

Panelists include:

  • Jonathan M. Metzl, Chair, Vanderbilt Center for Medicine, Health, and Society; Research Director, Safe Tennessee Project  (Introduction/Overview);
  • Rep. Stacey Newman, Democratic State Representative, Missouri House District 87, Missouri House of Representatives (Legislation);
  • Igor Volsky, Deputy Director, Center for American Progress Action Fund (Activism);
  • Lois Beckett, Senior Reporter,  Guardian US (Media/reporting);
  • Sandro Galea, Dean, School of Public Health, Boston University (Research)
  • Phillip Atiba Goff, President, Center for Policing Equity, Franklin A. Thomas Professor in Policing Equity, John Jay College (Policing)


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