Futures of Right-Wing Studies Symposium

02/09 Friday | 10am

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Futures of Right-Studies
February 9-10, 2024 

Host: Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University

Sponsors: Department of Journalism and Creative Media and College of Communication and Information Sciences, University of Alabama; Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life, University of North Carolina

Location: All sessions will be held at the IPK, 5th Floor, 20 Cooper Square, NY, NY


Friday, February 9

10:00a — Informal welcome with coffee

10:30a-12:00pTechnology, Social Difference and Victimhood
(organized by the Right-Wing Studies working group at CITAP)

Alice Marwick (UNC-Chapel Hill/Princeton), On Media Effects: Considering Technology in Far-Right Studies

Reed van Schenck (University of Pittsburgh), On or Of the Internet? Right-Wing Media, Personhood, and the Problem of Determinism

Jennifer Forestal (Loyola University, Chicago), Grievance citizenship: the affective power of (perceived) victimhood

Becca Lewis (Stanford University), How Tech Went Right: The Rise of Reactionary Politics in Silicon Valley and Online

Meredith Pruden (Kennesaw State University), The Importance of Intersectional Perspectives for the Future of Right-Wing Studies

Paul Elliott Johnson (University of Pittsburgh), Surveying Injury: Condensing Key Insights from Work on Victimhood for Studying the Right

12:00-1:00p — Lunch Break

1:00-2:30p — Narratives of Persuasion: Rhetoric, Crisis, and Belief in the Far-Right Spectrum (organized by the Center for Right-Wing Studies, UC-Berkeley)

Katherine Booska (Stanford), Metaphor on the Mountaintop: Languages of Crisis in the Congregatio Mariae Reginae Immaculatae

Eliah Bures (UC-Berkeley), Crisis in the Rhetoric of the Contemporary Far-Right

Matthew Brooke (Harvard), The Rise of Christian Right Broadcasting Companies: From Resisting Brown to Overturning Roe

Lawrence Rosenthal (UC-Berkeley), Naming the Enemy: Trumpian Politics & Authoritarianism

Kelly Jones (UC-San Diego), Justice in Metaphor: Decoding Abortion Narratives in Supreme Court Rhetoric

2:30-3:00p — Break with coffee/snacks

3:00-4:30p In Comparison: Tracing the Contours of a Global Far Right
(organized by the Global New Right working group at IPK)

Maya Vinokour (New York University), The World as Myth and Representation: International Far-Right Imaginaries

Leif Weatherby (New York University), Liberal Technocracy and the Far-Right Center

Tamara Spitzer-Hobeika (New York University), The Digital Culture of the French Far Right

Emily Long (New York University), Art, Death and the Form of Time in Nazi Germany

Alexander Reid Ross (Portland State University), On Critical Geopolitics

David Silverberg (Columbia University), Racism, Religion, and the Problem of Comparison

Anna Skarpelis (Queens College), AI and Projects of Racial Domination

Chelsea Ebin (Drew University), How Right-Wing Movements Envision the Future

4:30p-5:00p — Break with wine/cheese

5:00-6:30p — Keynote: “Artificial General Intelligence, Silicon Valley, and the Eternal Return of Eugenics” (5th Floor)

Émile P. Torres in conversation with Tyler Austin Harper (Bates College)

7:00p — Catered dinner (5th Floor)

Saturday, February 10

10:00-noon — Structured discussion regarding takeaways and next steps

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