RAPS Talk | The Price of Life

02/26 Monday | 12pm

The Race and Public Space (RAPS) Working Group at NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge invites you to join for a conversation with Michael Ralph about the financial institutions that made millions of dollars from insuring slaves during the antebellum period. This is the second event of the working group’s Reparations Project, a project which explores the prospect of reparations for Transatlantic slavery and colonialism, widely recognized as one of the most horrific events in world history. This inquiry will take the form of common readings to explore and frame the central issues, lectures by experts to interrogate the stakes, legal research to evaluate the case, and economic and statistical analysis to explore the feasibility of reparations for peoples and nations victimized by colonial slavery.

Can’t make it? Watch the live-stream on Facebook or Instagram.

Michael Ralph is an associate professor in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis and Director of Metropolitan Studies at New York University. He has published in Social TextSouls, and South Atlantic Quarterly. He is a member of the Social Text Editorial Collective, the Souls Editorial Working Group, and the editorial boards of Transforming Anthropology and Sport in Society. At the IPK, he organizes the Race and Public Space Working Group.


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