Virtual Discussion

The Great Displacement

04/11 Tuesday | 6pm

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Join Rebuild by Design, the Institute for Public Knowledge at NYU, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Climigration Network for a conversation between Jake Bittle, author of “The Great Displacement: Climate Change and the Next American Migration,” and Christopher Flavelle, climate reporter for The New York Times.

Climate and weather disasters forced more than 3 million U.S. residents from their homes last year, and many will never make it back to where they lived before. Climate change is already displacing people around the country, affecting both those who leave and those who stay. As rising seas, raging fires, and other hazards encroach on our communities, those with financial means may move to safer ground — but what happens to the neighborhoods they move into? And what happens to those who can’t afford to go?

Bittle and Flavelle will explore how climate change has already transformed the fabric of communities in the U.S. and the difficult decisions households are forced into as disasters become a part of the everyday reality for many Americans.

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