IPK Fellow Mona Sloane and Public Books launch new series on ‘Co-Opting AI’

IMAGE: Daniel Rehn via Flickr

On June 17, 2019, the first pieces in the Public Books series ‘Co-Opting AI’, a new collaboration between IPK Fellow Mona Sloane and Public Books, will be published. Read the introduction here.

Today, almost 70 years after Alan Turing famously asked, “Can machines think?,” what we call “artificial intelligence,” or AI, has seemingly come to penetrate our everyday life. It is in our phones, our homes, our workplaces, our modes of transportation, our schools, our welfare system. And while it remains unclear what AI really is, or can be, it is undeniably capturing the imagination of governments, corporations, and individuals alike – for better, and for worse.

While many discussions around AI are focused on AI being synonymous with a robot takeover, the Co-Opting Ai series aims to create a space for having more nuanced and critical conversations about society, technology, inequality, and our planet.

In this spirit, the Co-Opting AI project puts the most forward-thinking scholars and activists across technology, design, and inequality into conversation with one another, so as to consider how we can reclaim the story about technology, society, and our planetary future.

The first pieces by Meredith Broussard, Solon Barocas and Finn Brunton can be read here.

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