Malkit Shoshan

Visiting Scholar

Image of Malkit Shoshan

Malkit Shoshan is a designer, researcher, and writer, and the founding director of the architecture think-tank FAST: Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory. FAST employs research, advocacy, design, and public art, to explore and make visible the complex relations between architecture, urban planning, and human rights. Their cross-disciplinary work investigates the impact of systemic and spatial violence on people’s lived environments and aims to promote social and environmental justice through collaborative initiatives and designs.

Shoshan is the author and mapmaker of the award-winning book “Atlas of Conflict: Israel-Palestine” (Uitgeverij 010, 2010), which visually portrays the emergence of Israel and the disappearance of Palestine over the past century. She is also the co-author of “Village. One Land Two Systems and Platform Paradise” (Damiani Editore, 2014), a book that narrates the story of an internally displaced community in Israel and showcases Shoshan’s collaborative design process to develop an alternative masterplan for the village, advocating for spatial equality and state services. Her other publications include “Zoo, or the letter Z, just after Zionism” (NAiM, 2012), “Drone. UNMANNED. Architecture and Security Series” (DPR-Barcelona, 2016), “Retreat. UNMANNED. Architecture and Security Series” (DPR-Barcelona, 2020), “Spaces of Conflict” issue for Footprint, TU Delft Architecture Theory Journal (JAP SAM Books, 2017), “Greening Peacekeeping: The Environmental Impact of UN Peace Operations” (The International Peace Institute, 2018), and “UN Peace Missions in Urban Environments and the Legacy of UNMIL” (FAST and CIC-NYU, 2019).

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