Building NYC-NYU Connections: Research Partnerships for Knowledge and Action

05/19 Friday | 9am

NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge invites you to join us for an all-day summit on research partnerships between NYU and community organizations. Co-sponsored by NYU’s IHDSC, IES-PIRT program, and PRIISM, the event will highlight a series of NYC-based university-community partnerships that involve linkages between city agency or community organization partners and NYU graduate students and faculty around policy-/practice-driven projects designed to…


Safe at Home? Broken Windows Policing and the Sanctuary City

05/16 Tuesday | 6pm

NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge invites you to a discussion on sanctuary cities and policing, featuring Oscar Diaz, Dennis Flores, Marium Khawaja, and New York City Council Member Rory I. Lancman. There is a great deal of noise and confusion surrounding the issues of “Sanctuary City” and “Broken Windows” policing. This panel aims to help gain some clarity…


Summoning the Archive: a Symposium on the Periodical, Printed Matter, and Digital Archiving

05/12 Friday | 12:30pm

The printing and distribution of the avant-garde magazine, illustrated weekly, and underground zine have developed in the twentieth century in tandem with technological advancements in printing and access to these technologies in various regions, gaining traction in different parts of the world at different times based on economic, social, and political conditions. At its best,…

Book Launch

Book Launch | Masters of Craft: Old Jobs in the New Economy

05/01 Monday | 6:30pm

NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge invites you to join us for the book launch of Masters of Craft: Old Jobs in the New Economy by Richard Ocejo. The author will be in discussion with Krishnendu Ray and Sharon Zukin. In today’s new economy—in which “good” jobs are typically knowledge or technology based—many well-educated and culturally savvy young men are instead…

Winona LaDuke: Standing Rock & the Seventh Generation: An Economics for Us All

04/25 Tuesday | 6:30pm

NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge, Gallatin School of Individualized Study, and Asian/Pacific/American Institute invite you to join us for an Albert Gallatin Lecture with Anishinaabekwe activist, writer, and political leader Winona LaDuke on the 96th day of the Trump Era. LaDuke will address the interrelated issues of energy, food sovereignty, Native Rights, and an economics for the 99% to…


Book Talk | From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime

04/24 Monday | 6pm

The Race and Public Space working group at NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge invites you to join us for a book talk for From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime: The Making of Mass Incarceration in America, by Elizabeth Hinton. The author will be present in conversation with Michael Ralph. About the book:…


Conference | Narratives of Debt

04/21 Friday | 10am

  The Oikos working group at NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge and the Unpayable Debt working group at Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Social Difference present “Narratives of Debt”, a one-day conference on the ways that people and groups have grappled with and against various forms of indebtedness. The morning session will feature speakers working…

Book Launch

Unwanted Advances: Laura Kipnis in Conversation with Shamus Khan

04/19 Wednesday | 6:30pm

NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge and the New York Institute for the Humanities invite you to a talk with Laura Kipnis on her newest book Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus. She will be joined in conversation by the cultural critical Shamus Khan, of Columbia University. About the book: From a highly regarded feminist cultural…


Dadaab Is a Place on Earth: Architecture in the Twilight of the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

04/18 Tuesday | 6pm

This moderated discussion concerns architecture and emergency urbanism in history, focusing on the constructed environment of the UNHCR-administered refugee camp complex at Dadaab, Kenya, near the border with Somalia. Paradoxical for its scale and ephemerality together, the Dadaab complex at once approaches and resists being “urban,” on the one hand, and a “camp,” on the…

Book Launch

Book Launch | The Financial Diaries

04/17 Monday | 6pm

NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge and the Oikos working group invite you to join us for the book launch of The Financial Diaries: How American Families Cope in a World of Uncertainty by Jonathan Morduch and Rachel Schneider. The authors will be in discussion with Ajay Chaudry and Katherine O’Regan. Deep within the American Dream lies the belief that…

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